Goodbye, #J360

Over the course of this semester, I’ve blown up my friends’ timelines on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I’ve tweeted 330 times, posted on instagram 59 times, posted on Facebook 47 times and LinkedIn 46 times. The kicker? I’m not done yet.

Oh, yes. I still have to finished my social media posts for this week. I’m sorry to annoy you. But despite your irritation, integrating social media posts into my daily and professional lives have enhanced my skills as a public relations professional.

Before my #J360 class, I considered myself as a “watcher” on social media. Rarely would I post anything. On occasion, I would like a funny tweet or two. The accounts that I followed were just friends from college or high school, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, this class also forced me to step out of my comfort zone and connect with PR professionals on various platforms. Thus, increasing my available network.

It’s been a goal of mine for the past couple of years to establish a personal brand on social media, but I never found the time. This class acted as a catalyst for that. It built in time for me to achieve that goal. Now, I have a consistent personal brand across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

While improving my social media presence was a big benefit, it pales in comparison to what I learned through creating this website. WordPress fluency is a skill that many employers look for in potential candidates. It’s a skill that I had yet had a chance to delve into before this class. WordPress is relatively user friendly, but connecting pages and developing the homepage posed challenges for me. Those challenges were solved with a lot or trial and error (emphasis on a lot).

Not only did this blog teach me valuable website-building skills, but it helped me rediscover my love for writing. Writing is what led me to pursue PR. For as long as I can remember, I have loved writing, so much so that my friends and classmates come to me for editing and writing advice. Previous to this class, my passion for writing peaked my senior year of high school when I wrote bi-weekly sports columns. Being able to tell someone else’s story in a conversational tone was a passion.

However, my passion dwindled my first few semesters at college. I still wanted to tell stories, but each paper I wrote felt like a task rather than an opportunity. The blogs I’ve written for this class and on this blog I have put my heart and soul into. I will admit, some blogs mean a bit more to me than others. This site is titled, “Walking the Wire,” because I don’t ever want to shy away from hard to talk about topics, like those mentioned in “I’m fine.”

Many of the blog topics this semester were assigned, primarily the communications oriented topics. I will continue to post a mix of professional and personal blogs, but I’m excited to really make this site my own.

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